Couples Counseling

Love each other again

Every argument with your partner begins an endless spiral of blame that feels so fast and so terrible. It feels like you things are spinning out of control.

You both are working so hard to try and keep things afloat but lately, you feel disconnected and lonely.


That feels like an understatement. Isolated might be a better way to put it.

I know how confusing and sad it can be when you feel lonely in your relationship. You got married to be lifelong companions, not long-term roommates!

And on top of everything it’s made worse by your attempts to communicate with each other.

The spiral seems unstoppable and you can’t break through. Like a bird outside of a glass window you can see inside but for reasons unknown to you, you can’t get in.

Couples in crisis get swept up in a negative cycle that can wreak havoc on their relationship. I help couples to focus their energy on interrupting the negative cycle instead of blaming each other.

Underneath every action is an emotion, and I help couples breaking down the negative cycle by exploring the emotional process that is driving that cycle.

Exploring and sharing this emotional process with your partner can change the way you interact.

When couples are able to talk to each other about their emotional process while in conflict both people can feel connected, seen and secure in the relationship.

Couples that learn how to interrupt the negative cycles with underlying emotion experience more closeness, satisfaction and connection in their relationships.

If you’re tired of the negative cycle in your relationship reach out to schedule a time to talk by filling out the contact form or calling 615-925-3886.