Individual Counseling


Something happened. You realize that things have been off for a long time but they finally reached a breaking point. It was manageable before but it’s not manageable anymore. You can’t do it by yourself anymore.

The anxiety and pressure from your daily life feels like a beast is chasing you in the dark. When you aren’t frantically moving to escape you are waiting for the cycle to begin again.

The lulls in between the bursts of panic have slowly turned into depression and somewhere a voice is saying, “there has to be more to life than being afraid all the time”.

You know you are ready to reach out for help because when you imagine it, it feels like a weight has been lifted.

Individuals I work with have found themselves at a crossroads in their lives. Coping strategies they have developed in the past have served them well but those strategies are no longer helping them in the ways they once did. The anxiety seems different. Bigger. And no amount of drinking, control, work or money can make it stop.

I help creative people that want to feel better but don’t know what to do to get there.  I help guide them towards emotions that are beneath the surface of their problems so that they can discover what may be keeping them stuck. I have a variety of tools that I use to do this but I typically rely on weekly 50 minute sessions where I provide a safe place for anyone I work with to tell their story, feel their pain and find hope.

If you want to schedule a time to talk fill out the contact form on the right or call me at 615-925-3886.